Tricia Gilbert

freelance editor

I am an experienced freelance editor dedicated to improving communications for clients in many fields.
My passion is to help you develop what you want to say with clarity and consistency
to best be understood by your particular audience.


email:   ♦   phone: 0116 2700962   ♦   mobile: 07986 383 248

What I Do
copy editing

Copy Editing

Maintaining Clarity & Consistency

Whether your publication is going to a select group or the general public, your content should be accurate, consistent and error-free.

I can polish your words to make sure the meaning shines through, without compromising your unique style, tone and delivery method to any house style or style guide your prefer. Whatever your audience, they will appreciate readable text in plain, straightforward English, suitable for how they are experiencing it - online, in a book, or on a flyer.

I have worked for companies and individuals in the US and the UK, and can work to your needs and specific audience. My background is in both corporate and charity sectors and I have a wide experience of different fields and interests.

knitting technical editing

Technical Editing

Debugging Knitting Patterns

I specialise in tech editing for the knitting industry, working with independent designers, yarn companies and knitting publications to confirm their pattern will make what it is intended to make.

Whether it's a straightforward small accessory, an amigurumi, a complex lace shawl or a comfortable woollen jumper, the pattern numbers need to be right and the language needs to be easily understood by the knitter.

I enjoy working with budding designers, and have experience working with non-native English speakers. I have a knack for helping clarify even the fiddliest of toy and other non-traditional projects, while also keeping track of your stitch counts, lace patterns and knitting abbreviations in any type of knitted design.

project managing

Project Managing

Looking at the Big Picture

Sometimes you have too many ducks to get in a row, or you may need assistance with navigating a publication from generation to completion. If you have a project that needs deep organising or big-picture thinking, I am available on a consultation basis.

I have worked with individuals and small & large organisations to administrate, publish, create and promote. Ideas don't always fit into boxes, and my systematic approach can help you work through the what, how and when.

Both short- and long-term projects can benefit from spreadsheets, timelines, and logical wrestling. Perhaps you need to bring on board someone with a wider view who can focus on specifics when you can't.

copy editing ♦ technical editing for knit designers ♦ project managing

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