Tricia Gilbert: experienced tech editor

I specialise in technical editing for the knitting industry, working with independent designers, yarn companies and craft publishers to confirm that their patterns will make what they are intended to make.

If you are publishing a knitting pattern, book or design collection, I can help prepare your work for your customers.

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Reasons to get in touch

You want me to help polish your knitting patterns to a professional level – technical editing for correctness, consistency and clarity so others can easily make your designs.

You’re ready to level up your designer profile and want my help with pattern writing, grading garments, or developing a style guide, to provide your knitters an enjoyable and consistent experience.

You want to publish a craft book or collection that is edited to a high standard, conforms to house style and features technically correct and well-written techniques and patterns.

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Client Feedback

Her feedback is thorough, clear, and kind. She’s made the process of tech editing my knitting patterns completely painless, and I very happily recommend her to fellow designers. – Jacki at…

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It is therefore essential to find The One, and I am so grateful I did. Put simply, I would not be able to do my job without Tricia!  Ailbíona McLochlainn…

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Thanks again for the edited pattern – I truly appreciate your eye for detail and clarity of phrasing!

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It's a huge collection and I trust you on the style absolutely (and everything else!).

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Thank you so much for your kind words, patience and feedback! So glad that the pattern is finally coming together, as soon as I saw what you'd highlighted I'd realised…

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Tricia Gilbert - knitting tech editor - long yellow wavy line ending in a yarn ball


Tech Editing

Need me to check your numbers and confirm knitters can easily understand your pattern? 

Pattern Writing

Have a design idea and want my help getting from idea to publication? 

Grading Designs

Want me to crunch numbers for a range of sizes from your sample-size pattern? 

Editorial Expertise

Do you need schematics, charts, a style guide or project management for a book or collection? 

Tricia Gilbert - knitting tech editor - triple wavy lines


Tricia Gilbert - knitting tech editor - long yellow wavy line ending in a yarn ball