Tech editing services

No matter the type of knitting pattern – a garment, accessory, home decor or toy – if you want to make sure your readers and customers can reproduce the item, you need a technical editor to check your numbers and clarity of instructions.

My tech editing is typically a full edit, which means that as well as a technical check for all numbers and measurements, I do a copy edit for grammar, sense and style, check charts and schematics and provide suggestions about layout/readability, working in UK or US knitting terminology and spelling.

I can also create and edit charts, schematics or other diagrams (see Other Services).

Versatile and professional

Depending on your preference, I will work in either UK or US knitting terminology and spelling. For measurements, you can choose whether we work in either metric or Imperial (cm or inches) – or both!

Of course, all of my edits are suggestions and will take into consideration your knitting audience, sizing charts, style guide and preferences. As the designer or publisher, you have the final decision about what ends up on the published page.

Delivered in your preferred format

I can provide my editing comments in several ways, depending on how you prefer to work:

  • Microsoft Word: I can track changes and add comments, providing a clear record of all edits and the ability to approve and reject each change (Note: I use a PC version and this sometimes has compatibility issues with some Apple versions of Word)
  • PDF: I can mark up the PDF with call-out comments and highlighting, for you to make the changes in your original file yourself
  • Google documents: I can use suggested edits and version history to keep track of changes
  • Adobe InDesign: I can make changes directly to the file, though I have not found an easy way to track changes except to make a text list of what I have changed, which takes extra time

Final checks

Often clients have me review the pattern for a final check-through, especially if the changes were complicated or major adjustments were needed. Some patterns may take a few versions before publication, especially when there is a test knitting cycle as well.

When you are at the final stages, I will always prioritise your final checks to turn your pattern around quickly so it can get to your testers or to publication in good time.

If working with me seems like the right fit for you, I’d love to discuss working together!