Grading designs to size

Knitting patterns need to be graded from the sample size in order to be made in a full range of sizes. If you are looking for someone to do this type of number-crunching for you, I can help!

I’ve graded garments in baby, children and adult sizes. With your preferred sizing charts, I can size up and down from your sample dimensions. The exact range may depend on your garment construction, stitch patterns and other requirements.

I am passionate about size inclusivity, and work hard to make sure that knitters of all sizes will be able to knit a pattern that effectively fits them as the design is intended to.

Free consultation

Grading for knitting patterns is very detailed and specialised, and I do have limited availability for grading clients, so we’ll need a full discussion about your needs and specific project.

Contact me to arrange a free grading consultation before we begin work together.